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Walsh and for have been manufacturing barrel belt conveyors from 1980’s onward giving us the experience and know-how to produce a product that is robust, functional and adaptable to meet any conditions.


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  • Manufacturing Barrel Belt Conveyors from 1980’s onwards.
  • Standard size 9″ diameter & 11″ diameter. Custom build in sizes above and below.
  • Petrol/Diesel Electric or PTO versions.
  • Minimum barrel thickness 2.5 mm / 12 gauge.
  • Unique skirt design prevents dust accumulation.
  • Large strong undercarriage for grain delivery to 27º angle plus dump site building & retrieval.
  • Pulleys cast iron with steel taperlocks.
  • Built to strip down if tail crushed by semi trucks.
  • Hoist, lift arrangement superior to wire rope / pulleys.
  • ‘Drive Around’ hubs are lock in / lock out. Similar to 4 wheel drive vehicles, far more superior to ring gear / pinion or chain sprocket drives.
  • Return rollers 60.3 diameter with CNC lathed housings inserted into pipe for long life.
  • Standard or low profile hoppers available that clip onto unit.
  • 180º rollers full adjustment at housings to allow for precise belt adjustment.
  • Fuel tanks removable for refilling.
  • Belt guards are meshed for viewing and prevention of vermin build up.
  • Conveyor is fully self cleaning plus ‘Drive Around’ units allow for full blow down due to their unique tail ram action.
  • Option of stainless steel with powder coat frames and two pack finish for use in fertilizer handling.
  • ‘Drive Around’ system allows for one man operation of unit.

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